Lehrlinge mit VW Käfer

Oldie but goldie

Apprentices create a piece of jewellery on four wheels

Since winter last year, Postbus apprentices have been working on a true classic, built in 1965, under the expert guidance of their apprentice trainers, screwing, welding, filling, painting, polishing and making it roadworthy. The 58-year-old VW Beetle now shines in new splendour for a good cause.

Integrating the restoration of classic cars into the training of skilled workers is an innovative educational program that was first implemented in western Austria in 2022. The project was extended this year in Upper Austria and Salzburg with the restoration of a VW Beetle. 
In a first step, the vehicle was completely dismantled into its individual parts by the apprentices. The subsequent work processes and the reconditioning of the vehicle parts were divided up between individual workshops according to a carefully devised plan. In spring, the apprentices then began to reassemble the restored parts in the Postbus workshop in Linz. Today, the classic bus shines in new splendour. And in the legendary "Herbie" design. As part of the ORF III Aurena auction for LICHT INS DUNKEL, Herbie has now been auctioned off for a record sum of 42,000 euros to support projects for disadvantaged children and families in need.

High sustainable level of training 

The unique training program clearly demonstrates how innovative apprenticeships can be. Over the past few months, the apprentices who are currently completing a technical apprenticeship at Postbus in Upper Austria and Salzburg have been able to acquire in-depth expertise in complete vehicle dismantling with component repair, right through to the finished result in the form of a fully restored vehicle. The result is impressive. Now it's time for the trainees to get back to work on the buses. And for the apprentices in Carinthia and Styria, roll up their sleeves and spit in their hands, because the project is now picking up speed in the south of Austria.