Plakat mit Innovationen


Always in step with the times

As the largest bus company in Austria, we are constantly working on new technologies and ideas to not only help shape the future of bus transport in Austria, but rather to lead the way.

Attractive services and modern technologies are a prerequisite for sustainable mobility offerings and attractive mobility solutions. The safety of our passengers, employees, and vehicles, our responsibility to our customers, and quality are at the top of our agenda in terms of costs and sustainability.

That is why Postbus has positioned itself in the Austrian bus market in recent years as an innovation driver for research and development in the industry and set standards with the Smart Glasses with assisted reality function in the workshops for bus inspections.

Mobility of the future with micro-public transport

Postbus has set an important impulse for the future of flexible, sustainable and at the same time demand-oriented mobility in the area of micro-public transport. With the Postbus Shuttle, we are not only creating a completely new local mobility offer for the population in rural and suburban areas, but also making public transport offers easy to order thanks to an innovative app - just as has long been taken for granted when consuming music, movies and ordering dinner.

Innovations at Postbus

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