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Northern Region

Upper Austria - Salzburg

In cooperation with OÖVV, SVV and VOR, our team strives to promote the diversity and environmental sustainability of public transport. Through the use of demand-oriented container sizes - in Upper Austria and Salzburg we deploy modern vehicles in over ten different sizes, ranging from 9-seater buses, city buses and minibuses to 2- and 3-axle buses, articulated buses and double-decker buses - pollutant emissions are sustainably reduced, while at the same time the need for traffic areas is minimised.

In connection with newly constructed, spacious Park & Ride facilities or through the use of the breakdown lane on the A7 near Linz, which has already been permitted for years in the event of traffic congestion, Österreichische Postbus Aktiengesellschaft provides valuable support for the establishment of attractive and sustainable regional mobility beyond individual traffic. This makes the benefits and advantages of public transport even more noticeable to our passengers.


  • Employees: 839
  • Buses: 564
  • Kilometres travelled: 36.4 m.

As of December 2022

Übersichtskarte der Postbus Nordregion