Apprentices restore VW Beetle

Kick-off for Apprenticeship Project 2.0

The first apprenticeship project had only just been completed and the smartly spruced-up Puch 500 handed over to a charitable institution when the second Postbus training project got underway. The Apprenticeship Project 2.0 was launched on 5 December. Under the watchful eye of the media and in the presence of Postbus CEO Alfred Loidl and Postbus regional manager Peter Schmolmüller, the apprentices pulled a 1965 VW Beetle that was no longer roadworthy into the workshop in Linz, parked it on the lifting platform and began to dismantle the vehicle into its individual parts using a hammer drill and spanner.

A busy time awaits the apprentices

Now it's time for 13 apprentices from the provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg to roll up their sleeves. The bodywork, doors, axles, brakes, engine, clutch and gearbox as well as all of the attachment parts are due to be professionally refurbished and restored to their original condition by the spring of 2023, after which the components will be reassembled and the iconic vehicle will be restored to working order. We hope that the apprentices and their instructors enjoy their work and wish them the best of luck. 

By the way: The application window for next year has already opened. Postbus is looking for more than 40 apprentices for four apprenticeships to start in September 2023! Click here to view the advertisements.