Eastern Region

Vienna - Lower Austria - Burgenland

In cooperation with VOR and Wiener Linien, we try to offer an attractive timetable that is optimally tailored to the needs of our passengers. We rely on intelligent traffic concepts and urban transport to cope with large commuter flows. But even in sparsely populated areas, we try to offer public transport services throughout the entire area, e.g. by resorting to alternative forms of transport.

The benefits and advantages of public transport must be clearly felt by customers in order to encourage them to leave their cars at home. That is why intensive customer orientation will continue to be the main focus of our activities.

A special feature of the Eastern Region is our International Bus Terminal at Vienna Central Station, which serves as the central interface for coaches.


  • Employees: 906
  • Buses: 697
  • Kilometres travelled: 32.6 m.

As of December 2022