Blick über die Köpfe von Zuschauern eines Konzerts

Travel to Events

The ÖBB Postbus offers shuttle services to many events and special occasions

Wichtiger Hinweis

Auf Wunsch unserer Auftraggeber und in Abstimmung mit der Verkehrsverbund Kärnten GesmbH werden alle Samstag Nachtbusse

  • Millstättersee
  • Drautal
  • Finkenstein
  • Gegendtal

als Präventivmaßnahme Corona Virus und als Reaktion auf Einschränkungen bei Versammlungen und Veranstaltungen ab sofort bis auf Widerruf eingestellt.
Wir ersuchen Sie um Verständnis!

The ÖBB Postbus offers shuttle services to many events and special occasions. We will bring you and your guests to a thrilling football play-off, a show or concert or an exhibition, as well as to popular regional events such as the Daffodil Festival in Ausseerland or the Villach Kirtag, and ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey to the event and back home again.

So, you too can offer your fellow members or visitors the opportunity of a safe and comfortable outward and return journey with ÖBB-Postbus. As the largest bus company in Austria, we have a wealth of experience to draw on and we will gladly assist you in organising shuttle buses for major events. Naturally, we give top priority to the quality and safety of our service to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your event visitors. You can rely on our expertise as a dependable service partner for bus transport throughout Austria.

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner?

If you are planning a major event of your own, and are looking for a reliable and experienced service partner, then we will be pleased to offer bus services tailor made to your event. Simply send us an INQUIRY, we will provide you with a no-obligation quotation tailored to your needs and requirements.