Vorstände und Projektmitarbeiter präsentieren das Postbus Shuttle

Postbus Shuttle

Postbus launches lighthouse project

Together with Upper Austria's Provincial Councillor for Infrastructure, Günther Steinkellner, three mayors of the municipalities of the Donau Gusen region Hilde Prandner, Johann Würzburger, Erich Wahl, Executive Board ÖBB Personenverkehr, Michaela Huber and Executive Board Postbus, Alfred Loidl, the Postbus Shuttle was officially opened yesterday as a new demand-oriented mobility solution.

Anyone living in rural areas knows the problem: without a car or even a second car, mobility becomes a daily challenge. Shops, railway stations or doctors' surgeries are usually difficult to reach on foot, and buses are often the only way to get to your destination by public transport. But these often only run during rush hours, and often not at all on Saturdays. Now, in cooperation with the province of Upper Austria, the Postbus Shuttle, a new mobility service in Austria, has been launched in the Upper Austrian communities of Steyregg, Luftenberg and St. Georgen an der Gusen. On 17 May, the service, which intelligently combines public and demand-oriented mobility, was presented at a press conference in the Forum Luftenberg.

A service for 13,000 inhabitants

The Postbus Shuttle, the on-demand offer of Postbus - i.e. the individually retrievable mobility offer - improves accessibility in the Donau-Gusen region of the future and closes the gap of the first and last mile to the public transport connection where there has been no connection until now. The goal and wish of the population is to reduce individual transport in the countryside and to increase regional mobility. However, this can only be realised if solutions are created that enable people to cover the "first and last mile" - e.g. the way to and from the railway station - without their own vehicle. And that is what the Postbus Shuttle does.

And it is so easy to use

The Postbus Shuttle can be booked directly via the Postbus Shuttle App or by telephone at Shuttle Interface partner companies in the communities. The passenger's desired destination is entered, the route is calculated and the journey is processed taking into account available public transport. Since the Postbus Shuttle only runs on demand and without a fixed timetable, it makes a significant contribution to climate protection. The fact that it is well accepted by the population is already apparent after the first weeks of operation: Between 1 April and 12 May, around 60 bookings were processed and about 90 passengers were welcomed. The Postbus Shuttle app was downloaded more than 500 times. Among the top 5 most frequently visited stops are transport hubs (train stations and bus stops).

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