Postbus wins tender

Citybus lines Braunau to be expanded

For more than 20 years, the drivers of ÖBB Postbus have been bringing passengers safely and reliably to their destinations on the Citybus Braunau for the Upper Austrian Transport Association. As of 1 July, the service has been improved: a new timetable with Saturday services, new, modern buses, new bus stops and other improvements make public transport even more attractive for the population.

The province of Upper Austria and the municipality of Braunau am Inn are fully committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Therefore, the public transport offer in the city on the city bus lines 891, 892, 893 as well as 894 is now also being expanded, making it even more attractive for the population.

Attractive public transport offer lets the environment breathe easier

Postbus, as a proven partner of the Upper Austrian Transport Association, is convinced that an expansion and optimisation of public transport services is the only sensible and most effective way to reduce individual traffic and thus make a decisive contribution to climate protection. Only with attractive offers to get from A to B and back quickly and easily will citizens switch to public transport and leave their cars in the garage.

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