Lehrlinge und Postbus Mitarbeiter stehen in Werkstatt vor einem Oldtimer-Wagen

The young people and the oldie

Apprentices restore historic Puch 500

Postbus initiates unique training project for technical apprentices and thus breaks new ground in apprenticeship training across the provinces.

Normally it is the big buses that are the centre of interest in the Postbus workshop in Innsbruck. Recently, however, a small oldie has been playing the leading role there - in addition to the daily business: a Puch 500, built in 1971. A girl and six boys from the Innsbruck, Zell am See and Wolfurt workshops, who are currently completing a technical apprenticeship, are restoring the historic vehicle under the guidance of their apprentice trainers. In a unique project, they are restoring the vintage car to its original splendour. Postbus is thus embarking on an exciting training path and offering the young people sound expertise in vehicle dismantling with component repair right up to the completely finished restored vehicle.