E-Bus in Vorarlberg

Happy Birthday!

E-buses in Vorarlberg celebrate first birthday

They went into operation over a year ago, and today it is impossible to imagine the Upper Rhine Valley landscape without our four climate heroes.

For years, Vorarlberg and the Vorarlberg Transport Association (VVG) have been working together with ÖBB-Postbus to promote the use of electric intercity buses in regular service. In February 2020, the first four e-buses went into regular operation. This was the starting signal for even more environmentally friendly mobility in Vorarlberg.

Expectations exceeded

Our four electric buses have now been on the road in the Upper Rhine Valley between Bludenz, Feldkirch and Götzis for just over a year. Since then, they have been on the road up to 400 kilometers a day. Our conclusion is not only positive, our expectations for the operation have even been exceeded in part. After all, we had little experience of how the vehicles would perform in regular operation. Today we know that even additional energy consumption in summer due to the air conditioning system has no influence on the battery charge or the range of the buses.

And when it comes to the driving experience, there is no comparison with a bus with a combustion engine. With an electrically powered bus, only the rolling noise of the tyres is audible. In any case, our passengers and bus drivers are thrilled. We hope and are confident that very soon even more passengers will be able to enjoy environmentally friendly travel.