Young couple with bicycles in front of a beautiful mountain landscape

With Postbus into the summer

Comfortable and relaxed leisure activities.

Postbus is a proven partner of numerous tourist regions and a popular companion for all sun and nature lovers and excursionists who prefer to take the bus rather than their private car on their way to cycling, swimming or hiking.

Whether for cycling, hiking, bathing or relaxing in the thermal region of Eastern Styria, with our summer buses and our Thermenland bus you will always find the right connection and the perfect way to your leisure time as well as to your next excursion destination. 

Click here for the cycling and hiking buses and the most beautiful destinations in Carinthia as well as the Glockner Cycle Path.

The Thermenlandbus offers the best connection directly from Vienna to enjoyment and thermal baths in Styria. If you also want to take your own bike with you to continue cycling at your destination, we simply put it piggyback on the bike rack and off you go.