Postbus Mitarbeiter übergibt verlorenen Rucksack an Kunden

Happy ending on the Postbus

Holidaymaker's backpack recovered

A one-week holiday in Tyrol found a happy ending for a Spaniard after his backpack, forgotten on the Postbus, was found again.

During a trip with the Postbus from Innsbruck to Tulfes, a friend of a holidaymaker forgot his backpack on the bus. As if this were not trouble enough, however, the backpack contained vital insulin for the man. When the passenger noticed the loss of the piece of luggage, the bus was already over the hills.

Perfect chain of communication

The passenger was desperate and contacted ÖBB by phone. Our colleagues at Lost & Found pulled out all the stops to find the backpack intact. A few frightening moments and phone calls later, our colleague and bus driver was able to locate the backpack. Just two hours after the loss was noticed, the holidaymaker could breathe a sigh of relief. Not only was the backpack and its contents found intact, but the Spaniard's holiday in Tyrol was also saved. These are the small things with a big effect that make us and our employees special.

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