Postbus supports Austrian Armed Forces

Discarded bus for army exercise

Postbus provided a discarded bus for an international exercise of the Austrian Armed Forces.

For many years, Österreichische Postbus AG has relied on a close and trusting partnership with the Austrian Armed Forces and our security forces - because the health and safety of our population and our passengers is important to us. That's why, in the course of a recent exercise of the Austrian Armed Forces, we provided a discarded bus built in 2007 to give the emergency forces the opportunity to train under realistic conditions - according to the motto: Make sure you know how to do it in good time, when you (hopefully) never need it.

The bus was in service in the Hollabrunn area for more than ten years and in Poysdorf in the Weinviertel in the last few years and covered 780,000 kilometres during its time in service. However, engine performance problems and pressure in the crankshaft housing forced the bus to retire.