Öffi like ordering a pizza

Postbus Shuttle now starts in Liesingtal, Styria.

Ordering a public transport service as easily as ordering a pizza is now possible in four Styrian communities in the Liesing Valley. Since 2 May, nearly 5,000 residents have been able to travel safely, inexpensively and in a climate-friendly way by clicking on shared rides. 

Mobility needs are changing. People want to be more and more flexible and independent, but at the same time they want to travel in a cost-effective and climate-friendly way. The idea of owning a car is becoming less and less important. On the other hand, the demand for demand-oriented services that supplement existing public transport in rural regions and at the same time create connections where there are none today is increasing. Therefore, since 2 May, the Postbus Shuttle has been launched in the Liesingtal region in the communities of Kalwang, Kammern im Liesingtal, Mautern in Styria and Wald am Schoberpaß, thus bringing a completely new local mobility service to 5,000 inhabitants.

Innovative mobility solution

With the Postbus Shuttle, Postbus is not only heralding the mobility turnaround, we are also demonstrating a new innovative way to travel sustainably, yet flexibly and easily, even in rural regions. What has long been taken for granted today when it comes to watching movies and listening to music or ordering dinner is now also being implemented in everyday mobility. The trips can be booked easily and conveniently using the Postbus Shuttle app and at the four participating communities. During operation, the local infrastructure (service and restaurant businesses) will also be integrated for the booking option.

Conveniently to your destination

With the new public on-demand service from Postbus, we enable our community citizens to successfully cover the first and last mile. In this way, we are linking up non-walking distances that would otherwise have to be covered by car. The total of 111 stops, which can be reached in a maximum of 300 m on foot, enable almost seamless door-to-door mobility. The stops can be viewed virtually via the app, and the bundling algorithm allows passengers to share a part of the journey.

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