Mobile region of Mödling

New, innovative public transport offer for the mobile region of Mödling

From 1 December, people south of Vienna will have to change everything - change to a new, innovative public transport service, where the KlimaTicket is also valid. The Postbus Shuttle demonstrates how new mobility offers in the field of micro public transport enable simple, individual and comfortable mobility on demand.

Our world is now heavily digitised. Music, films and TV series are ordered on-demand, dinner via an app on a mobile phone. The mobility offer also demands increasingly demand-oriented services. No longer being able to take the bus only when the timetable says so is not only what people want, it is also the future of mobility, especially in rural and suburban areas, but also in smaller cities. People want to be flexible and individual, but at the same time cost-effective and climate-friendly, without having to rely on their own car.

This is what modern mobility looks like today

Public transport will only become a real alternative if the offers are even more flexible, even more specifically adapted to the needs of the passengers. With our Postbus Shuttle, we are therefore taking an important step in the Mödling Mobile Region towards making mobility available on demand where and when it is needed. Micro-public transport products, such as the Postbus Shuttle, which intelligently combines demand-oriented and public transport, are the model of the future, especially for suburban areas.

Public transport on order - cheaper with KlimaTicket

After the regions Donau Gusen, Donau-Ameisbach, Techelsberg am Wörthersee and Ossiacher See, the fifth and so far largest on-demand system of Postbus is now going into operation in the Mobilregion Mödling. This not only closes the mobility gap for all those who do not want to or cannot travel by car for about 115,000 inhabitants:inside 17 of 20 municipalities in the Mödling mobility region, as an optimal supplement to bus and train, the new service creates an attractive alternative to owning a car and thus makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. This is because the KlimaTicket is also valid for the demand-oriented public transport service in Mödling, making journeys considerably cheaper.