Work-and mobility concepts for Feldbach

Innovative concept ideas are implemented

A project in Feldbach, Styria, demonstrates what modern working can look like and how it can be combined with innovative mobility concepts. On board: Postbus.

In the summer of 2020, young adults were called upon to submit innovative concept ideas on how they want to set the course for a better tomorrow. The winning project at the time has now been implemented together with the project partners within a year and officially presented as a pilot project in Feldbach in southeastern Styria on 1 June. In the process, technology partner A1 is providing a sustainable impetus for strengthening the economy in rural areas. The three-month pilot project in Feldbach impressively demonstrates how work and mobility in rural areas can be intelligently networked and combined through the sensible use of state-of-the-art technology in the field of digitization.

Reliable mobility partner for showcase project

A 1,400 square meter office building in Feldbach can be rented and used by startups or employees of companies as well as private individuals. The office location is complemented by a comprehensive mobility concept consisting of an on-demand Postbus Shuttle. Business appointments are thus flexibly reserved and booked on demand via app/website in addition to the office space and a Postbus Shuttle with electric motor and high-speed Internet on board.

The Postbus Shuttle travels to stops in the city area Feldbach that were determined based on mobility analyses and can be reached in a maximum of five minutes on foot, taking passengers to their work or leisure appointments. With this project in southeastern Styria, we are not only doing pioneering work throughout Austria, we are also creating simple, seamless access to work, education and leisure activities - on demand, completely flexible, convenient and, what's more, we are making a significant contribution to climate protection.

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