Favourite bus: A double-decker bus

On the road with bus driver Vanessa Pelikan.

As a child she wanted to become a veterinarian, after her training as a child care worker she worked in a kindergarten. At the age of 21, she wanted to become a train driver and start her training in Vienna. In the meantime, she moved to Lower Austria because of love and decided to become a bus driver instead and applied for a job as a postal bus driver.

Her heart beats for the 500 hp double-decker buses

Since autumn 2019, Vanessa Pelikan has been driving commuters, schoolchildren and anyone else who uses her bus, safely and in a relaxed manner from A to B. She has a lot of responsibility in her job. She has a lot of responsibility in her job, with an average of more than 50 passengers on the bus - especially at peak times. Many of her passengers are regulars. Anyone who travels by bus in the Weinviertel and Waldviertel regions as well as regularly to St. Pölten has, with a bit of luck, met Vanessa Pelikan behind the wheel. She travels up to 400 km a day in her bus, her favourite bus: a 14.5 m long and over 20 ton double-decker bus with over 500 horsepower. Because from it she has a particularly good view of the passing landscape.

The most important thing for them: The profession should be fun

The fact that the native Viennese works in a profession that is still a male domain does not matter to her. Rather, she remains true to her motto: "The job should be fun, you should do what you want to do, no matter what friends or family might think". She also advises many young women and young professionals to do the same. Her colleagues were open and helpful right from the start, and they also helped her to find her way around quickly during her training phase.