Postbus Mitarbeiter in der Leitstelle Graz

New traffic control centre in Graz

Digital real-time data system makes public transport more efficient.

When it comes to making regional bus services more reliable and efficient for both passengers and drivers, Postbus is now setting standards with a unique traffic hub in Graz.

Since the beginning of the school year, a new digital traffic control centre has been in operation at Postbus Verkehrsleitung Graz - the first of its kind in Austria. The public regional bus traffic is monitored and controlled here in real time. This is where all current traffic information comes together and is distributed to passengers via the information systems of the Styrian Transport Association without any loss of time. For our passengers as well as for our drivers, this means more safety and punctuality. This is because the traffic control centre is directly connected to the systems of the Styrian transport association, from where customer-relevant information is played out directly via "BusBahnBim" and screens in real time.