Lehrlinge restaurieren VW Käfer

The transformation of a "rust bucket"

Apprentices make VW Beetle shine anew

Just a rusty VW Beetle, the body is already gleaming in its original colour. Since last December, 13 Postbus apprentices from Upper Austria and Salzburg have been restoring a 1965 VW Beetle as part of a training programme. The young people, who are currently completing a technical apprenticeship, are acquiring a sound technical knowledge of complete vehicle disassembly with component repair, right up to the finished result in the form of a completely restored vehicle. Such apprenticeship training is unique and irreplaceable in this form.

Hardly recognisable

At the beginning, the VW Beetle was dismantled into its individual parts with all its add-on parts. Since spring, the bodywork, doors, bonnets and add-on parts have been professionally refurbished under the supervision and guidance of the apprentice trainers and master craftsmen. The add-on parts were sandblasted, primed and repainted. The axles, clutch, gearbox and engine were restored true to the original, assembled and already repaired. Now the freshly painted body was placed on the base plate to start with the interior work and to continue the project before the completion of the VW Beetle is planned for autumn.

By the way: The application phase for the start of the apprenticeship in September 2024 will start soon. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed.