Car body technician with passion

When a hobby becomes a profession

Louise Figerl is doing an apprenticeship as a bodywork technician at Postbus, because that is the wish she has had for many years: To make her passion her job. Now she dared to take the step.

To take the courage to do what you really want to do - out of deepest conviction, with the greatest joy and with full passion - that should not be a question or decision of gender. Louise Figerl, 30 and mother of three, is doing an apprenticeship in a non-classical female profession. And she loves her job. She loves dismantling damaged mudguards, denting the dents in them, sanding it and giving it a fresh coat of paint or welding chassis parts back together and also getting dirty from work once in a while.

ORF Burgenland accompanied her for a morning as she worked in the place where she feels most at home - the Postbus workshop in Neusiedl/See.

The ORF report, broadcast on Saturday 19 March in "Burgenland heute" at 7 p.m., was offered as a livestream in the ORF-TVthek and is still available as an online video until 25 March.

You can find the article at the ORF Website.

Apprenticeship at Postbus

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