A success story

Gusental/Aisttal relies on Postbus Shuttle

The Postbus Shuttle has been in operation in the Gusental/Aisttal region since 1 December. At the joint press event with the mayors of the six participating municipalities, a more than pleasing interim balance was presented.

Demand-oriented mobility is in demand among residents - and the need is particularly great in rural regions. It is also very well accepted - especially when it can be called up so easily and works just as uncomplicated as streaming films or food deliveries. Only then can we enable older citizens in particular to participate more actively in social life. 

Almost 2,000 passengers have so far used the on-demand mobility service of Postbus, which was launched on 1 December 2022 in the Gusental/Aisttal region in six Upper Austrian communities. While at the beginning there were 320 passengers per month, the number more than doubled in March with over 680 passengers. A pleasing interim result with a guarantee of continuation.

Mobility for all age groups

Whether old or young, the Postbus Shuttle is the most individual form of public mobility, closing the well-known first and last mile and strengthening and intelligently supplementing public transport. 
Calling up the local mobility service at the click of a smartphone is no obstacle - as current figures show. 91% of Postbus shuttle journeys are booked via the app. If one is not so fit in using a mobile phone, there are targeted training courses for the population in the use of the app. But also partner businesses of the municipalities, such as hairdressers, innkeepers or doctors' surgeries, take on bookings for shuttle rides for their customers or patients.