On the road with Alexandra

The bus driver and her 15-meter buses

As a postal bus driver, Alexandra Tischler-Berger carries a lot of responsibility. But that is exactly what she likes so much about her job behind the wheel.

From a trained confectioner, to a supermarket, to a manufacturer of spectacles, the 50-year-old found herself behind the wheel of a postal bus five years ago. For a long time before that, she was impressed when someone could drive such a large vehicle. In 2007, the time had finally come and she obtained her driving licence for buses, trucks and tractors. She felt comfortable behind the wheel of a bus right from the start. She was all the more delighted when she joined Postbus as a bus driver in 2017 - part-time for 20 hours.

Part-time bus driver

For her, having a family is the perfect combination, because as a mother of four and a trained herbalist and hoof caretaker, she has her hands full in her garden. Her day starts at five o'clock in the morning with taking care of the children, before her shift begins shortly before 7 o'clock, but ends again shortly before 11 o'clock. She is most happy when she is allowed to drive one of the 15-meter buses. Because that's where she feels most comfortable, "they are simply the most pleasant to drive," says the Upper Austrian. She also loves the contact with her passengers, especially the pupils, all of whom she knows.

If you would like to sit behind the wheel of a Postbus yourself, there are still cockpits available. All information at: karriere.oebb.at.