Postbus apprentices behind their project car

Apprentice project 3.0

The BMW Isetta celebrates its wedding

As in human life, a wedding is also an important stage for a car. For the BMW Isetta apprentice project, however, romance is a minor matter.

In the automotive industry, the term ‘marriage’ is used when the body and transmission - the two main components of a vehicle - are brought together. Since December 2023, 14 bright young people from Postbus have been working hard to restore a rare BMW Isetta from 1959 that is no longer roadworthy.

A few days ago, the apprentices celebrated their big day together with their vehicle. Under the expert guidance of their apprentice trainers, a wedding was performed and the freshly painted bodywork was joined to the completely restored chassis.

What has happened so far

To begin with, the BMW Isetta was dismantled into its individual parts along with all its attachments. The bodywork, doors, bonnets and add-on parts were then professionally refurbished under the supervision and guidance of the apprentice trainers and master craftsmen. The add-on parts were sandblasted, primed and repainted. The disassembly was documented down to the smallest detail to ensure that everything was put back in the right place when the individual parts were reassembled and nothing was forgotten to be installed.

The next steps

The next steps will now be wallpapering, wiring, seat installation, connecting the instruments and test drives. Completion of the fully restored classic car is planned for the autumn, before the final inspection (§57a inspection) takes place and the vehicle is made available to Licht ins Dunkel for a good cause.