Wasserstoffbus Seitenaufnahme

Hydrogen-powered buses

With hydrogen into the future of drive systems

With hydrogen into the future of drive systems

As the largest bus company in Austria, Postbus is driving innovative mobility solutions in Austria. In addition to the use of battery-powered electric buses, Postbus was the first company in Austria to test a hydrogen bus in regular service.

The technology is extremely promising: After all, hydrogen buses do not release any environmentally harmful emissions at all. And: Even the fuel cell that generates this energy is fully recyclable.

Hydrogen as a fuel for the electric motor

The bus is powered by an electric motor and refuelled with hydrogen. Inside the fuel cell installed in the vehicle, a chemical reaction takes place when oxygen is added, generating the energy needed to power the vehicle. A major difference to battery-operated buses is that electricity is generated directly inside the vehicle. The range of a hydrogen-powered bus is around 400 kilometres per tank of fuel. Hydrogen buses are therefore well-suited for intercity transport. The hydrogen bus offers a further advantage for winter operation: The chemical reaction in the fuel cell also generates heat, which can be used to warm the vehicle in winter.