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The innovative Postbus Shuttle transport solution for rural areas

The innovative Postbus Shuttle transport solution for rural areas

Apart from our initiatives in alternative drive technologies, Postbus is also concentrating on innovative concepts to tackle the issue of mobility in rural areas: How can efficient and affordable public transport be ensured in rural areas? And also: How can the last mile to the railway be bridged? Microtransit could be answer to both these questions.

Microtransit - a demand based traffic concept without a fixed timetable

At Postbus, we believe that microtransit, or micro public transport, is a new form of mobility service that is flexible, individual, affordable, networked and digital.  And all without any form of timetable, i.e. it is purely demand driven. The Postbus Shuttles combine requests for travel with the help of intelligent software and can be booked online, with an App or through the Call Center. As a result, we create a viable alternative to private cars, especially in rural areas. However, one thing is important: So that this new form of mobility is truly sustainable, microtransit must be embedded in existing transport concepts. Otherwise there is a danger that new service offering will just cannibalise normal public transport.

Initial pilot operations with the Postbus Shuttle

On 1 August 2018, Postbus started a pilot operation for three months in the tourist region of Klopeiner See in Carinthia. This consisted of two minibuses for eight passengers, which also offered space for up to three bicycles. The microtransit service offering can also address new target groups in tourism: Non-mobile persons or holiday guests, who consciously want to spend their holidays without a car.

In November 2018, the second pilot operation started with the Postbus Shuttle in Lustenau in Vorarlberg.