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The innovative Postbus Shuttle transport solution for rural areas

The Postbus Shuttle - an innovative transport solution for rural areas

In addition to forging the way in the area of alternative drive technologies, Postbus is also coming up with innovative concepts for tackling the issue of getting around in rural areas: How can we guarantee efficient and affordable public transport in rural areas? And also: How can the last mile to the railway be bridged? Microtransit could be the answer to both these questions.

Microtransit is a transport solution without a fixed timetable that focuses on customer’s needs

Here at Postbus, we believe that microtransit, or micro public transport is a new form of mobility that is flexible, individual, affordable, networked and digital. And all without a timetable so it is completely focused on the needs of the customer. The Postbus Shuttles combine requests for travel with the help of intelligent software and can be booked online, on the app or by phoning the call centre. In this way, we’ve created a viable alternative to private cars, especially in rural areas. However, one thing is important to remember here: To ensure that this new form of mobility is also truly sustainable, microtransit must be embedded into existing transport concepts and improve the existing public transport system.

Our pilot operations

Testing in the tourist region of Lake Klopeiner See

On 1st August 2018, Postbus started pilot operation with this new technology in tourist region of Lake Klopeiner See in Carinthia that lasted 3 months. This consisted of two minibuses, each with places for eight passengers and also space for up to three bicycles. By offering a microtransit service, we are also addressing new target groups in tourism: People who cannot travel by car or holiday-makers, who have made the conscious decision to not travel by car on their holiday.

Testing in Austria’s largest market town of Lustenau

In November 2018, we started the second pilot operation with the Postbus Shuttle in Lustenau in Vorarlberg. For three months, all residents living in Austria’s largest market town were able to order the Postbus shuttle easily and conveniently using the app. This has closed a mobility gap for all those who cannot or do not want to travel by car themselves. The Postbus Shuttle stopped at 80 bus stops within the community in total - these ranged from schools to shops, doctor’s surgeries and heath centres.

How does the Postbus Shuttle work?


Currently, there are no pilot operations running, therefore the app cannot be downloaded at the moment.

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