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Electric power into the future - e-buses at Postbus

Electric power into the future - e-buses at Postbus

Postbus is the largest bus company in Austria. As such, we are always seeking to use innovation to resolve issues of public mobility. Many of our passengers are youngsters, which is also a reason to take our responsibility for future generations very seriously. In the interests of climate protection, Postbus is increasingly relying on alternative drive technologies, thus making a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in Austria. We will be happy to continue along this path together with the regional transport authorities, the federal states and the municipalities.

Battery powered e-buses have advantages for passenger and the environment

One alternative option for drive technology, compared to diesel powered buses, is battery-powered electric motors. With this technology, the buses are charged overnight and already, with the current single day mileage ranges, they can be readily used for cross-country services. Each 12 metre e-bus can save more than 110 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to a diesel powered bus. And electric drive is not just free from pollutants such as fine particulates, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide, it is also much quieter. In addition to journeys that safeguard the climate, this also means less noise pollution for passengers and bus drivers as well as residents along the bus routes.

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