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SCOTTY - the route planner for public transport

SCOTTY is unique! Since 2007 ÖBB offer an Austria-wide route planner for public transport services. Facilitate and accelerate planning your journey with just a few mouse clicks.


SCOTTY is always accessible at or and shows your journey from door-to-door. Enter your starting point and destination either in form of an address or a stop. If you do not know the house number of your destination, SCOTTY will make suggestions to you. Also if you are not completely sure where you want to go, SCOTTY will help you. Enter your starting point or your destination simply by clicking it on the interactive Austria map.

SCOTTY then will compute your optimal journey using public transport services, naturally also taking into account all footpaths. For trains and selected buses of ÖBB, there is also real time information available. Every information given will show you whether a bus/train is on time or if there is any delay. Also current delays are taken into account in the computation - SCOTTY will still compute the optimal journey for you. Thus you can be sure that you’ll always reach your destination with the ÖBB and SCOTTY.

Included connections

SCOTTY can give you information on most of today's public transport services in Austria. The following schedule information is completely integrated into the system:

  • Postbus services in Austria
  • All ÖBB and many other train connections in Austria
  • Train connections in Europe
  • Public transport services in the federal states (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Upper Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Vorarlberg)
  • city services of Innsbruck
  • about 90 % of Swiss bus services
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