Travelling with the bicycle

Print Page Biking group with bus driver in front of the bus

The following must be observed when travelling with a bicycle:

Regular services
Bicycle racks mounted on the vehicle as well as luggage compartments are available for the transport of bicycles on regular service buses. On low-floor buses of city transport with adequate bays bicycles may be transported in the passenger compartment if there is sufficient space available.

If the bicycle(s) cannot be properly secured in the passenger compartment, drivers are obliged to refuse transportation.

Reservation of journey
If you plan on taking your bicycle with you on a journey, we recommend you make a respective reservation with the competent transport station three working days before your departure. Our customer service (Tel.: 0810 222 333, from abroad: +43 (1) 71101) will be happy to assist you with the respective contact information.

Special bikers' buses
In some of our regions we have equipped some regular service buses with special bicycle racks and bicycle trailers that provide space for more bicycles. Please refer to our travel tips for detailed information on our offers.

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