Travelling with luggage

Print Page travel bag in front of a Postbus

The following must be observed when travelling with luggage:

What is hand luggage?
Objects that can be stowed above or underneath one’s seat or kept on one’s lap without disturbing, bothering or endangering other passengers are considered hand luggage. Hand luggage is carried free of charge under the responsibility of the passenger. When a lot of people are travelling on a vehicle, hand luggage can also be stowed in the luggage compartment.

What is luggage?
Luggage is anything that due to its size may not be brought into a passenger compartment of a bus as hand luggage. Whether luggage can be transported in the passenger compartment depends on, among other things, the number of passengers travelling on the bus. The transport of passengers' luggage is subject to the payment of the respective applicable fee. The drivers have the right to refuse the acceptance of luggage if there is not sufficient space available for the proper stowing of it.

If any luggage cannot be transported on the same vehicle for which you purchased a ticket you have the right to cancel the journey and to request refund for your ticket.

What am I not allowed to take with me?
Excluded from the carriage on Postbuses as hand or other luggage are the following objects:

  • Objects with a unit weight exceeding 25 kg
  • Objects that cannot be loaded because of their nature/size
  • Objects the content of which comprises hazardous or explosive substances

The driver shall have the right to examine the content of luggage in the presence of the respective passenger if it can be reasonably assumed that one of the above mentioned reasons for exclusion apply.

Liability for damages
Postbus shall not accept any liability for losses or damages that can be attributed to faulty packing or the particular nature of an object.

Uncollected luggage
Uncollected luggage is deposited with the company and can be collected from the office of ÖBB-Postbus GmbH specified in the timetable upon presentation of the luggage ticket and subject to the payment of a left luggage fee.