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The most frequent asked questions to the topic "Lost items"

Who can I contact if I lost something on the bus?

Send us an email or call our customer service department at +43 (0)5 1717. Provide us with the most important data (On which route did you lose something? When did it happen? What exactly did you lose? ...) to help us find what you lost. We will then try to find your property as quickly as possible and inform you about the result of the search.

Please make use of our notice of loss form on the page "Lost & Found" to narrow down and thus accelerate the search.

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How do I get back my property that has been found?

After we have found the lost object, we will let you know by phone or e-mail where you can collect your property.

Can you stop the bus so that I can get back my lost property?

We appreciate your understanding that it is not possible to stop the bus because we have to adhere to the timetable and out of consideration for the other passengers. We will, however, assist you in getting back your items as quickly as possible. All it takes to have us start searching is an e-mail or a call from you (see question 1).