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The most frequent asked questions to the topic "Annoying topics and issues"

Why did the bus not stop?

Please let us know which bus did not stop as well as when and where. We will investigate this matter and try to answer your question.

E-mail to Customer Services

Why is there no bus operation on this route?

As Austria?s largest bus undertaking, we operate a widely branched network, particularly in rural areas. Our lines are ordered (purchased) by public bodies, e.g. municipalities. For this reason we recommend you report the requirement of a stop/route to your municipality. If an increased demand is identified it is possible that another route/connection is ordered by the municipality or a new stop is set up. Naturally, we are also happy to pass on such wishes to the respective contact.

How do I know that the timetables are still valid?

All connections that can be viewed in the online timetable information are daily updated. With large volumes of timetable data, however, some errors may occur. Should you detect an error, we kindly ask you to notify us. This will allow us to react promptly.

The timetable downloads all have a date. This is displayed by moving (not clicking) your cursor across the pdf symbol after having selected your line. This date is when the last update was made. Thus you will know whether the timetable is from the current timetable period. A timetable period begins in December of a year and ends in December of the next year.

In the event of contingencies such as storms, avalanches etc. there may be sudden disturbances in the bus operation. You can always get information from our customer service department (phone: +43 (0)5 1717) also in such difficult situations.

Why are there no newer buses?

Our fleet comprises about 2,200 buses. New buses are provided every year depending on the state and age of the vehicles. Due to the high investment expenditure, however, only a limited number of buses can be replaced every year. Nevertheless, we endeavour to keep up a high technical standard of our fleet.