Airport - Vienna Centre via Westbf. - circular course

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Vienna AirportLines-buses in front of a plane at the airport


Dear passengers,
due to an event at the Town Hall the Vienna Airport Lines station "Rathaus" of the line VAL1 (Airport - Wien Westbahnhof - Airport) is closed until Monday, 26th of September 2016. This stop will be restarted on Tuesday, 27th of September 2016. During this time we kindly ask you to use our VAL1-station at Volkstheater (Bellariastraße).
We apologize for any inconvenience.

With the Vienna Airport Line No.1 you can reach the Vienna Westbahnhof-station comfortably. At this circular course we offer new stops at Volkstheater, Rathaus and Schottentor. Every stop of the line VAL1 is close to the underground.

Excerpt from the timetable of the line VAL1 (direction to airport)
Bus stop Departure times Length of journey
Vienna Westbahnhof (Europaplatz) 05.15 until 23.45, always at minute 15 and 45 45 minutes
Vienna Volkstheater (Bellariastraße) 05.25 until 23.55, always at minute 25 and 55 35 minutes
Vienna Rathaus (Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz) 05.30 until 0.00, always at minute 30 and 00 30 minutes
Vienna Schottentor (Liechtensteinstraße) 05.35 until 0.05, always at minute 35 and 05 25 minutes
Aiport Vienna Schwechat 06.05 until 00.05, always at minute 05 and 35 35 minutes until Westbf.

You pay 8,- Euro for a one-way ticket for adults, for children it's 4,- Euro. Please find all prices in our detailed price list!